A suicidal stockbroker convinces a Black Gang and a Latin Gang to join forces and use street moves to sway a hedge fund. A vicious fast moving Action Comedy from the writer / director of The Weathered Underground.

Reconstructing Electrolytes for Running Overall performance

What supplements have been found to supply benefits for restoring electrolytes supplement and running efficiency? Right now there are a selection of nutritional elements shown in studies to offer advantages for rebuilding power and bettering running performance. Certainly, going for a good multivitamin – one made with optimal quantities and types of supplements, minerals, anti-oxidants, … [Read more…]

Increase business profits

Increase business profits – How to boost sales and increase profits with the power of leverage. Discover the power of combining key profit drivers to launch your business profits. In this video I share how to increase profits in a small business. Many business owners get frustrated with not know where to begin on … [Read more…]