Enjoy a Great Weekend in Prague

Sight- Seeing: Prague has some amazing houses and the museums home essential artefacts created by the fantastic professionals themselves. You are able to mind towards the National Memorial, Memorial of Ornamental Arts, the Jewish Memorial or the Mucha Museum. A visit to Prague Adam Boalt mentoring at Startup Weekend  a visit to these museums would be incomplete. Apart from those, you will find innumerable cinemas, events and gallery halls. And you if you are round the spring time then you may also watch the Prague Spring Global Audio Festival. Different festivals are also located throughout the year, like Prague Global Organ Event, Earth Roma Event, Prague Fringe Event and Prague Autumn International Audio Festival. Picture festivals like One Earth and Fabieofest will also be hosted. The Prague Zoo has been given the name of the best zoo on earth by Forbes.

Food and Restaurant: Do not keep Prague without tasting the meals as individuals from diverse cultures live here, and the meals too is diverse in nature. You are able to visit the Bellevue Restaurant, which will be located in a chateau like creating and provides delightful international cuisine. The Kampa Park Cafe is located on the Kampa Island, simply by the river and serves excellent for ocean food. Flambee Cafe includes a gothic experience in the décor and the placing is close and cosy.The town of Prague is full of artefacts and monuments from the Roman period and a visit to this town would be a very loving experience. It had been one of the major centres

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