Blog website on WAP – Creating a Mobile Compatible Blog page

A blog on WAP will allow your blog to be viewed on cell phones. If you want to focus on potential customers that use mobile internet, then having an online site and a blog that are mobile compatible is very important. The task that you will have to follow is a little difficult than you may have imagined since cell mobile phones have tiny screens which makes it a little difficult so that you can fit in your content on one page while still which makes it obvious for subscribers on the cell phone. Readers will have to zoom lens in order to learn the blog since the characters maxbet be quite little. A WAP blog would be slim lined and would only contain important content so that the page would load easily on the cellular phones.

Just how to Build a Wap Compliant Blog?

In order to blog on wap you will first desire a WordPress mobile plugin. The plugin is easily available and can be downloaded directly from the required WordPress website or even from several other sources. You could then have to unzip the file and download the files. Next, you will have to upload the WordPress mobile file to your plugin directory. When you do that, you can activate the record from the dashboard and then visit the construction page through the drop down menu in Configurations. The plugin will have a big quantity of options that can be configured. The plugin will work immediately once you install it. Nevertheless, if you need to make any changes to the pleasant message of your website for the mobile version or add Google AdSense Unit, you will have to make some construction changes.

Making Your website Cellular Compliant

In order to create your blog on WAP, you could then have to choose a desired theme, design and a color scheme that you wish to use. Once you follow these steps, your blog would be mobile compliant. From a normal browser you would be unable to view the blog and you will have to either use your mobile phone to check the results or mount a WAP browser on your computer. Check the results on your cellphone to see if your blog is viewable on mobile phones and if it provides easy navigation to the readers on cellphones before you make it live. Additionally, you will find several tools and options online for building WAP empowered sites which can be really helpful.

Since a sizable number of men and women today use their cellular phones to check their mails and surf the internet, having a mobile compatible blog is very necessary. By creating a blog on WAP, you will be able to reach out to a wider audience.

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